vaba is seeking an experienced internet marketing and SEO consultant to aggressively market our on line store in return for a percentage of the gross sales generated and equity interest in the company.

Skills and Experiences

Essential duties and responsibilities: - Develop websites ensuring strong optimization and functionality - Proficient with core web technologies like HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. - Good database knowledge especially SQL Server or MySQL - Needs to be proficient in programming for Parallax and Responsive designs. - Experience with open source CMS platforms like WordPress - Help plan overall agency policy regarding search engine optimization and web development - Candidate needs to be able to work well in teams, be organized, and be able to multitask - Confirming requirements, developing and testing client websites - Manage product deliverables to targeted dates - Collaborating with team members on development standards and best practices - Offer insight to creative team - Develop HTML emails using Constant Contact or MailChimp - Manage hosting options Qualifications: - Minimum of 2 year degree/diploma in a computer-related field (computer science/programming) Knowledge and skills: - Monitor site technical performance and web server - Understanding web standards & browser/platform compatibility issues - Attention to pixel perfect detail - Familiarity with Flash development and Flash ActionScript is a plus - Web and graphic design is a bonus but not required - Ability to give estimates on work required - Ability to communicate timelines effectively - Ability to handle multiple projects at the same time - Exceptional attention to detail and a never-ending passion for learning new technologies - Interest in Ping Pong is not required, but highly recommended.

Contact: Mike B [email protected] 757-597-1584