One Family Helping Others, Since 1927

The Year Is 1927. The first talking movies hold cinema audiences enthralled. “Lucky Lindy” has soared to celebrity after making the first solo flight across the Atlantic. With much of the nation’s economy “roaring,” everything seems possible. So with $1750 in capital and an old Ford truck between them, a few men decided to stake their futures on their belief that by offering excellent products at value prices with superb customer service, they can make a place for themselves in the business community. The business Fuel, Feed and Building Supplies was born.

Celebrating 89 Years of Business

89 years later, that original coal yard and small warehouse has become Taylor’s Do-It centers, one of the region’s biggest home-grown success stories. As one of Virginia Beach’s oldest retail businesses, this family-owned and run enterprise continues to be the destination of choice for homeowners who come to Taylor’s expecting to find the same things customers have found for 89 years now: uncommon customer service, quality merchandise, cheerful expertise, excellent selection and competitive pricing.

At Taylor’s, doing business the old-fashioned way has never gone out of style. You can trace Taylor’s current policies straight back to the principles of the original founders – James Jordan, Audie Fisher, Edward Hardy, and Willard Ashburn, joined in short order by Robert Taylor.

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Our Address:

2865 Lynnhaven Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23454