As our name suggests, Bay Local was established with the local community in mind. We like to describe our culinary style as “Coastal Southern,” taking advantage of everything our region on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay has to offer. As the seasons change, so do our specials or “fresh-ials,” as we’ve dubbed them. During the summer months, we serve hand-picked crab meat and freshly shucked oysters from Virginia’s Eastern Shore as well as freshly picked strawberries from Pungo. The winter’s offerings include collard greens, kale and broccoli from local farmers. We pride ourselves in making everything fresh and in-house every day while never pulling anything out of a bag and putting it into a fryer.

Bay Local’s menu was inspired from a collection of family recipes, local favorites, and some of our own favorite dishes. Our coastal inspired menu is heavily influenced by the Chesapeake Bay and surrounding area, carefully put together with our guests’ palate in mind. We have no fancy chefs back in the kitchen, just a wonderful staff who shares a love for great food. While the menu consists of well-loved staples, like Chicken and Waffles and Raspberry Sorbet Mimosas, our “Fresh-ials” are where we really get to show our passion for food. Don’t be surprised to find fresh soft shell crabs on a BLT or fresh caught Wahoo served with Eggs Benedict. We love to be creative in the most delicious way possible.

To create a warm and welcoming vibe, co-owner Whitney Colaprete spent months collecting antiques and salvaged goods that adorn the restaurant. Many items were sourced from Whitney’s hometown of Rocky Mount, VA. These goods include the roughhewn wood used on the bar and reclaimed barn board from the Eastern Shore. Vintage-styled handmade light fixtures give off a warm and welcoming glow throughout the space and highlight hand-painted signs from local sign painter, Igor.

Owner Adrian Colaprete has spent years living and working on the waters in our coastal bay region, forming relationships with local fisherman and chefs alike. It’s with great pleasure that he and his wife Whitney are able to share with you their passion for great food, style and local culture.

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Our Address:

2917 Shore Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23451